Friday, March 13, 2009

Caps for Sale Unit

I wanted to start sharing my preschool units on the blog. Partially for accountability (We had such fun with the last one it is a shame it took me so long to plan this one.) and partially because someone out there my benefit from everything I pulled together.

This one is based on the book Caps For Sale by  Esphyr Slobodkina and is planned to last two weeks.



  • Monkeys
  • Money
  • Hats

Additional Books:


  • Daily we will read two to three books not including those Olivia might choose to read at naptime and bedtime. There are days we may read some multiple times (and that’s OK).
  • We will read Caps for Sale MWF for both weeks. At each reading I will discuss some of the the topics in BFIAR.
  • We have planned activities each day except for Thursday (sitter day).  You can tell by the volume of activities for each day which days we are home and which we are gone more. We will see how it goes.


Day 1

  • Act out the story using “puppets” made from this activity sheet.
  • Play “Monkey Throw a Hat Down to Me” (FNL)
  • Walk while balancing a stack of hats on our head. Sing “Hats on Heads” while walking. (PE)
  • Begin lapbook – decorate cover. (See a sample lapbook here. Ours will be similar, but not exact. Will share more later.)

Day 2

Day 3

  • Play Monkey See Monkey Do and share the poem.  I can’t find the source for this. I will list the poem here. If anyone knows who I should credit, please let me know!)

    Pick a leader to make silly movements and others try to imitate it.  Change leader.

    Say this poem together as a variation of Monkey See, Monkey Do
    A little monkey likes to do
    Just the same as you and you;
    When you sit up very tall,
    Monkey sits up very tall;
    When you pretend to throw a ball,
    Monkey pretends to throw a ball;
    When you try to touch your toes,
    Monkey tries to touch his toes;
    When you move your little nose,
    Monkey moves his little nose;
    When you jump up in the air,
    Monkey jumps up in the air;
    When you sit down in a chair,
    Monkey sits down in a chair

  • Do Hat Play (PE)

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

  • Share Money Poem (this was shared on the Before Five and a Row Message Board)
    • Money Poem
      Penny, penny, Easily spent
      Copper brown and worth one cent.
      Nickel, nickel, Thick and fat,
      You're worth five cents. I know that.
      Dime, dime, Little and thin,
      I remember, You're worth ten.
      Quarter, quarter Big and bold,
      You're worth twenty-five I am told!
  • Make “Whose Hat?” layer booklet and play. (HSS) Add to lapbook.

Day 7

  • Act out story again if interest is there
  • Cut out photos from magazines that start with letters M and C. Put into mini booklets and add to lapbook. (HSS)
  • Do What’s In the Piggy Bank (HSS) Add to lapbook.

Day 8

  • Go shopping for bananas. Pay with some coins. Put coins into the St. Jude coin tube at Wal-Mart and watch them go round and round.
  • Make chocolate-dipped frozen bananas.
  • Decorate cans to make SAVE, SPEND, and GIVE banks. Explain and give Olivia first allowance.
  • Finish up lapbook.


  1. this is just what I needed. great work, thanks a lot!

  2. wow you but a lot of thought into this. Can't wait to start our unit:)