Monday, September 14, 2009

October Themes

We have really been having such a great time with our September themes. On days that we do themes, we stop at about 3:30 and have a full “tea party” or just a snack. If we are cooking the snack, Olivia and I usually prepare it while John naps. While the kids munch away, I read to them and then we do a craft or activity where planned. Good fun.


  • pumpkins on the vine
  • chrysanthemums in gold, russet and magenta
  • acorns underfoot
  • National Squirrel Awareness Week (7-13)
  • The Full Harvest Moon (4)


  • comforting casseroles
  • chili and cornbread
  • pumpkin muffins with streusel topping
  • hot apple cider
  • rice krispie treats
  • freshly baked pretzels
  • caramel apples
  • squirrel-shaped cookies
  • popcorn balls
  • spaghetti and Bolognese sauce – National Pasta Month
  • Scary Skillet Sheppard's Pie
  • Mummy Face Pizzas

Faith: Ordinary Time Continues (green)

  • The Feast of St. Therese (1) LT
  • The Guardian Angels (2)
  • The Month of the Holy Rosary (7)


  • Columbus Day (12)
  • National Popcorn Month
  • National Pasta Month
  • Our wedding anniversary
  • All Hallow's Eve
  • Football games


  • The Littlest Pumpkin
  • Autumn Days
  • Colorful Leaves
  • Growing Apples and Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin, Pumpkin
  • The Popcorn Book
  • Squirrels
  • The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
  • The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin
  • The Scarecrow's Hat

Field Trips:

  • a visit to the pumpkin patch
  • an autumn walk


  • acorn hunting (for squirrels)
  • put out corn cobs for squirrels
  • do some squirrel watching with the binoculars
  • make leaf prints
  • collect pine cones
  • Pray the "Guardian Angel Prayer" (Catholic Customs p. 41). Make an angel craft. Make one angel for each family member. Hang over dining table in a "mobile".
  • Read The Tooth Book for National Dental Hygiene Month (5)
  • Pray a decade of the Rosary. Color the rosary. (7) Kids get their own.
  • Read Follow the Dream Columbus Day story (12)
  • Read poetry on Shel Silverstein's birthday (18)
  • read Strega Nona for National Pasta Month
  • watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”
  • plant a paperwhite narcissus bulb for Christmas bloom.
  • roast pumpkin seeds
  • carve pumpkins

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  1. Dear Pam,
    I love you blog and the organisat in of all the things we love to do.
    unlike you I have yet to organise my October plans and haven't managed to do my September ones yet.
    God Bless