Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letter B

Going to go ahead and post the next couple of letters for anyone who likes to gather supplies ahead of time.

Art Activity 1:  Buzzy B

Art Activity 2: Balloon Painting– Provide kids with a large piece of paper, a small inflated balloon, and a pallet with a couple of colors of paint (we use a paper plate for this). They can then paint by stamping the balloon into the paint and then onto the paper. Fun will ensue.

Food: Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana or your favorite banana bread or muffin recipe – make these treats in your kitchen with kid help. Kids really love to smash the bananas for batter.

Books: Bears New Friend (or any of the Bear books by Karma Wilson), The Three Bears

Activity: Big Bubbles – I got a special bug-shaped bubble wand in the dollar spot at Target for this one. Any way to blow bubbles and talk about how that starts will “B” will make an impact and be fun.

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