Thursday, June 25, 2009

Letter E

Art Activity 1:  Elephant E

Art Activity 2: Easy Sun Catcher – Peal back the protective covering halfway down a piece of contact paper, exposing the sticky side (The contact paper can be any shape or size) Tear small pieces of various colors of tissue paper and stick to the contact paper. Peel off the rest of the protective cover and fold it over the tissue paper side. Trim the sun catcher to any shape or size desired. Punch a hole in it and string a piece of fishing line through it to hang.

So what does that have to do with the letter E? Absolutely nothing except the name of it is EASY Sun Catcher. If that really bothers you, make the sun catcher in the shape of an E, egg, or elephant (various colored tissue paper elephants would go great with the story below!). If not, just enjoy the art project.

Food: Deviled Eggs

Books: Elmer

Activity: Plastic Egg Learning Games

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